We are delighted that gathered meetings have resumed at the hall in addition to our our online meetings.

There are no restrictions on numbers, and there is now no longer any need to book.

There will be no requirement to socially distance, but an area of the hall will be set out to accommodate those who still wish to socially distance.

We will continue to provide hand sanitiser which we expect people to use. 

There is an expectation that face masks will be worn by everyone whilst in the building. Those who are exempt on medical grounds or those who are officially participating in the service are not required to wear masks. 

Congregational singing will be permitted but masks cannot be removed during singing. 

Entry will continue to be by the rear door (from the car park by the kitchen) or front door into the foyer. Exit will still be via the rear exit of the Hall to the car park. 

Socialising will be permitted but we do ask you to be sensitive when it comes to shaking hands, hugging etc. Be aware that some people will still want to keep some space between themselves and others. 

Sectional participation within meetings will continue to be restricted to 6 people. The Band and Songsters will continue to take responsibility for accompanying worship on alternate weeks. 

Ventilation will remain a priority with windows and doors fixed open.

We will be serving tea or coffee at the end of the meeting outside, weather permitting.

We look forward to seeing you!